An exciting career awaits If you are looking for an exciting career in Medical Technology Services, HCB offers training in a number of disclipines. Candidates must be proficient in English, MS Office (Word, Excel) and be computer literate. After successful training and completion you will be allowed to join the team at HCB. We are looking for multi disclipined persons who can easily switch from service to service with little or no supervision.

We offer free training via Zoom, Hangouts and Microsoft Meet with some occasional "hands-on" inhouse proficency training. Full proficiency in at least one of theses packages is required post training. The ability to type would be an asset and rate you higher in our search requirements. Experience or training in any of the disclipines indicated below would be a difinite asset as it would accelerate training, allowing you a speedier inclusion in our team. Please see below a list of opportunities offered. SImply click on

Train for any of the following disclipines