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What is a personal injury?

A personal injury could result from a number of situations, actually too many to mention here so we will just stick with the more common or familiar ones such as in a traffic accident, a work-related incident, as a result of a faulty good or service or during a visit to a commercial place of business (example slipping and falling on a wet floor).

The injury can be physical or psychological and could also be as a result of disease or illness. Personal injuries could result in serious disability, invalidity and even death. Such injuries could impact your activities of daily living such as domestic chores including doing the laundry, preparing meals and going to work, school or play.

If you have suffered a personal injury, there are a few basic things which you might want to immediately consider:
Whether there is a negligent party who was responsible for causing your injury?
How serious is your injury in terms of its severity, does it require medical intervention or hospitalisation?
Is there a resulting or immediate financial problem, stemming from your injury, such as inability to attend work?  
Do you want or intend to make a claim for compensation to cover any losses as a result of the injury?
How will you manage your claim for compensation, for example such as in retaining the services of an attorney?  

What are my obligations after suffering a personal injury?
Despite the fact that another person or entity maybe ultimately responsible for compensating you, you are still required to act reasonably and refrain from any action which will unnecessarily increase the cost of your claim, in other words you are required to mitigate your losses.
You should keep all records including official receipts and other financial records in order to properly document and substantiate your losses or claim, including asking your attending physician to provide you with a medical report.
If the injury is significant enough, you may be required to undergo and Independent Medical Assessment by a physician of the insurer’s choosing (if one is involved). This however does not mean that you will be required to stop seeing your own physician. This is because full disclosure of all material facts likely to affect your compensation is often required and your cooperation would therefore be expected.
The above considerations are by no means an exhausted list, but represent some of the initial important areas, which you will be required to give early attention to in order to get the “ball rolling” in returning you to your pre-accident condition.

In some cases your personal injury might be covered by a commercial liability insurer such as is represented below. If you have had the unfortunate experience of suffering a personal injury as a result of one of the above circumstances earlier described and you require additional information, you can call or email us at   

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