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What is PIRC?

PIRC is a programme that was designed and implimented by HealthCare Barbados and its affilitates.   Its principal role is to facilitate easy access to essential care services in the event of an accident resulting in a personal injury.
The program provides access to our diverse network of healthcare professionals, which include physician, diagnostic and rehabilitation services.

PIRC adds value to customer experience and encourages customer loyalty by way of facilitating easier access to essential care services in the event of a personal accident.

The PIRC program caters to non-life threatening injuries only.  Should the Cardholder suffer a life threatening injury, they should immediately seek emergency assistance at a hospital facility or other medical institution(s) .   “PIRC” is for personal injuries ONLY and NOT for illness, sickness or pre-existing conditions.

How do I gain access to benefits in the event of a personal accident?
If  you were to sustain an injury as a result of an accident, you will be required to present your “PIRC” and National Identification cards at the office or clinic of the Preferred Provider Network. Only after doing so, will the required medical services be provided.  

Our PIRC package contains a list of affiliated providers, who will attend to your immediate medical needs.  For more information about our HCB PIRC® program simply download our brochure at... or download directly from here.

Benefits at a glance

  1. Access to Ambulance
  2. Access to Medical Clinics
  3. Specialist Consultations
  4. Access to Diagnostic Services
  5. Cost of Prescription Medication
  6. Access to Rehabilitation Consultation
  7. Access to Home Nursing Care
  8. Transportation to Consultations
  9. Home visit by Physician
  10. MRI Physician Referral

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