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While every personal injury case is unique in terms of the type and severity of trauma involved, in addition to the degree or duration to which the claimant has been subjected to pain and suffering, most injuries resulting from occurrences involving low impact motor vehicle and work place accidents, slip and fall, employers and public liability situations and other types of non high impact accidents are for the most part very often classified as "soft tissue injuries" by the medical profession.
Yet this category of injury accounts for a significantly high proportion of rehabilitation cost, sometimes involving a protracted recovery period.
"Soft tissue" injuries can cause damage that lasts from a couple of weeks to several months and sometimes even for the rest of the claimant's life. Insurers are often perplexed and sometimes express difficulty and frustration with reconciling the classification of "soft tissue" with the eventual claims cost including the cost of rehabilitation.
At HealthCare Barbados we advocate for an early intervention by our medical team of specialists in addition to utilising the best in medical case management technology geared towards a speedy resolution of the injury.
Our programs ensure that the party is being treated professioanlly and monitored for compliance with the approved medical care management program, in achieving the desired outcome.
Our team has successfully treated and rehabilitated many claimants (visit our Photo Gallery) suffering from a wide range of soft tissue and other traumatic injuries including even the more severe conditions of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Syndrome. By achieving the patient's maximum medical recovery in as reasonable a time frame as possible, we are able to retun them to their daily activities of work, school and play and reduce the cost of protracted rehabilitation.
As a value added service to our insurance clients we provide the following:
  • Secure access to advisories and status updates regarding treatment programs of injured claimants.
  • Management tools and resources to assist with reserving and quantifying of claims.
  • A personal injury register to keep track of serial claimants.
  • News and industry information regarding a wide range of personal injury topics.
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