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Hip Injuries
An injury to the inner thigh caused by running, jumping, twisting, kicking. Signs and symptoms may range from mild tenderness over the muscle involved to the inability to contract the muscle and walk. There will be localized pain and swelling and in severe cases, you may have bruising to the inner thigh, indicating bleeding to the injured muscle. A consultation with a medical specialist is recommended, to properly diagnose and treat the condition.
Hip Pointer
A hip pointer is a bruise caused by direct trauma or impact to the front hip bone. This injury can produce extreme pain and limit normal motion at the hip and trunk. Because of close proximity of internal organs, follow-up with a physician is advised to rule out potential fracture or internal injury.
Iliotibial Band Syndrome
This is caused by inflammation of the thick, fibrous tissue that runs from the top of the hip to just below the knee. This injury commonly occurs in runners and can be very debilitating. Consultation with a rehabilitation expert may be required to reduce pain and inflammation and restore proper muscle balances throughout the pelvic region.
Piriformis Syndrome
This condition refers to irritation of the piriformis muscle which lies underneath the gluteus muscle, or buttock. Because the sciatic nerve passes underneath or through the piriformis muscle, burning or numbness/tingling may occur due to nerve irritation. Pain may start in the buttock and radiate down the affected leg. It is important to seek proper medical attention to rule out referred pain from the spine.
Injuries to the muscles and their tendons due to a forceful contraction of the muscle involved.
Injury to the front of the thigh caused by blunt force trauma or forceful contraction of the quad muscle when the hip is bent and the leg is straight (as in a kicking movement). Signs and symptoms may range from mild tenderness to the touch to the inability to walk without pain. Bruising may also be present with associated swelling. In severe cases, consultation with a physician may be warranted to regain proper mobility.
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